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Lake Placid Hiking Guide: Hiking In and Around Lake Placid!

Enjoy these local trails while staying at The Quality Inn on Lake Placid. Be sure to be prepared while hiking, and to sign in at trail registers. Let someone know where you are going, and be prepared for weather changes. Follow all policies and rules regarding your impact and safety in the area. Have fun, and stay safe while hiking in the Adirondacks!

dreamstime_3153842Peninsula Trail: Located behind The Comfort Inn on Lake Placid. Easy walk around the outlet of Lake Placid and through the wooded area. It’s suitable for families, 2 Miles round trip.

Jack Rabbit Trail: The entire trail is a 33 mile trail from Keene, through Lake Placid and Saranac Lake and to Paul Smiths Visitor’s Interpretive Center is a public cross country ski trail that connects these communities. For a leisure portion, the start is located next door to the left of Howard Johnson’s restaurant. This is great for families, being a maintained path that leads to Lake Placid. This trail does meet with Peninsula, be sure to follow the markers. The view is well worth this 2 mile round trip.

Owen Cooperas & Winch Ponds: This trio of ponds makes a relaxing hike with little climbing – views of Great Cliff and Whiteface. Nice spots for picnic or camping at the lean-to on Copperas Pond. Two entrances off Rt. 86 in Wilmington Notch, approximately I mile apart.3 miles round trip.

Connery Pond to Whiteface Mountain Summit: Entrance on Rt. 86, 3.1 Miles from junction with Route 73. Walk through forest and rolling terrain to Whiteface Landing where you can sun, swim, or camp at Whiteface Brook Lean-to. Those wanting a more challenging day can make the ascent to the summit of the mountain 5 Miles round trip to landing; 12 miles round trip to Whiteface Summit.

Owls Head: (2120′) Rocky Peak with views all along the way and blueberries in season. Good hike for a beginning climber. Located off of Rt.73. 3.6 Miles east of Cascade Mountain Trail.1.2 Miles Round Trip.

Cascade Mountain: (4098′) Considered the easiest of the High Peaks to climb. The open summit boasts a fantastic circular view of the other peaks. Trailhead located off of Route 73, 8 miles from Lake Placid. 4.8 Miles round trip.

Pitchoff Mountain: (3600′) A bare ridge north of Cascade Lake with exceptional views and lots of open hiking. Off Route 73, 8 miles from Lake Placid, left side of road. One way 1.6 miles to Balanced Boulder, 2 miles to summit, 4.9 miles to end of ridge at highway (requiring a second car).

Haystack: (2878′) Intermittent climbs to rewarding views of Whiteface, Marcy, and Seward Range. Off Route 86, 1.4 miles west from junction with Old Military Road. 6.6 Miles round trip. Hike could be extended by following McKenzie Mountain trail to Whiteface Inn trail and descending into the resort at 7.4 miles.

iStock_000003265809SmallWalk around Mirror Lake: Stroll, run, or bike around the lake for different views of Main Street. Great leisure walks, with a brick pathway. Approximately 2.7 Miles.

Cobble Hill: Overlooking Mirror Lake and the village of Lake Placid, this short hike off the Cobble Hill Road offers a 360-degree view of the Olympic Village and the surrounding High Peaks

Copperas Pond: Short but steep the trail to this beautiful little pond is tucked away in Wilmington Notch offRoute86 before High Falls Gorge. From the far end of the pond a great view of Whiteface Mountain appears looming overhead to the west.

Whiteface Landing: The trailhead begins near Connery Pond off Route 86 between Wilmington and Lake Placid. The up-and down-hike of 5 miles one way ends on Lake Placid Lake with lovely hardwood stands and a bonus view of Whiteface Mountain across Connery pond for those willing to venture a short distance off the direct route.

Van Hoevenberg Ridge: From the South Meadow access road off the Heart Lake/Adirondack Loj Road. Stunning views of Klondike Notch and South Meadow Brook are available from this short jaunt. From the Verizon Sports Complex at Mt. Van Hoevenberg (from the north;3.2 miles RT, moderate, admission fee at Sports Complex) Follow the twists and turns of the new state-of-the-art combined bobsled-luge-skeleton track. Near the Start Building at the top of the track, a trail leads to the summit ledges and views of the High Peaks. Mt. Van Hoevenberg (from the south; 4.4 miles RT, moderate)
A pleasant and mostly level walk is followed by a relatively easy climb up a wooded

McKenzie Mountain: With a mountain pond on one side and Lake Placid on the other, McKenzie as a lightly traveled peak with access from Route 86 trailhead near Ray Brook or off the Whiteface Inn Road on the Jackrabbit Trail

The Heart Lake/Adirondack LOJ area is a popular access point for hiking in the High Peaks Wilderness area. Backcountry trails lead to a variety of destinations including Mt. Marcy, Algonquin Peak, Mt. Colden, Marcy Dam and Phelps. The LOJ is maintained by the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) for members and the public. It offers a High Peaks Information Center, campground, lean-tos, full service lodge, and education programs. The LOJ is a popular trailhead for several High Peak trails. There is a daily fee for parking.

Marcy Dam: A popular backcountry camping area with lean-tos around the pond NYS/DEC outpost, and views of Phelps, Colden, and Wright.4.6 miles round trip.

Indian Falls: A beautiful series of falls, with a spectacular view of the Maclntyre Range. Hike into Marcy Dan (2.3 miles) then take the Van Hoevenberg Trail2.l miles to the falls. Round trip distance is 8.8 miles.

Algonquin: (51 14′) Second highest peak with views of Lake Colden and Flowed Lands. From the Adirondack LOJ take the Van Hoevenberg Trail to junction at 1.0 mile. Continue straight to Algonquin Summit. 8.0 miles round trip.

Avalanche Lake: Impressive views of spectacular and rugged cliffs of Avalanche Lake. Trip may be extended to picturesque Lake Colden. 8.8 miles round trip to Avalanche Lake, 12.4 miles round trip to Lake Colden.

Mt. Jo: Q876′) the rocky summit ledges provide open vistas in three directions. It is one of the best views of the High Peaks to be attained for such little effort. Superior views of the High Peaks and Heart Lake for a short, but steep climb. 2.3 miles round trip.

Rocky Falls: Easy walk along trail to Indian Pass to a series of small waterfalls and swimming hole beside a lean-to.4.8 miles round trip.

Indian Pass: Stupendous gorge between Wallface Mt. and Mclntyre Range. Sheer wall on NE rises 1000′. Ice and snow never melt at bottom of crevices. Rugged 12.0 miles round trip to look-out.

Mt. Marcy: (5344′) Mt. Marcy is the highest peak in the Adirondacks (and New York State) rising 5444 feet above sea level. Climbing Marcy from the Adirondack LOJ is the shortest route. Taking the Van Hoevenberg trail to the summit is 14.8 miles round trip.

The Keene/Keene Valley area is a popular access point for hiking in the High peaks, Dix and Giant Mountain wilderness areas. Trailhead parking can often be difficult especially at “The Garden.” These hikes start from “The Garden” parking lot 1.6 miles off Route 73 in the center of Keene Valley. There is a parking fee. Parking spaces are limited and there is a shuttle on weekends from the Keene Valley Airport, 2 miles north of Keene Valley.

Johns Brook Lodge: Johns Brook Lodge is owned and operated by the Adirondack Mountain Club and offers overnight accommodations, meals, candy, drinks and information for hikers.7.0 miles round trip.

Gothic’s via ADK Range Trail: (4736′) Challenging climb over rugged terrain including two peaks – Upper Wolf Jaw and Armstrong before reaching Gothic’s spectacular summit, followed by even more spectacular descent to the West Face.14.7 miles round trip.

Porter Mountain via “The Garden”: (4059′) relatively easy grades, many views on return leg via the Ridge Trail.8.4 miles round trip.

Big Slide via The Brothers: (4240′) Great views of Keene Valley, Great Range, Algonquin, Big Slide. Ascends three summits, culminates in the great look at Big Slide. Return down pretty Slide Mt., Brook and Southside Trail, swim at Tenderfoot Pool.9.4 miles round trip. Hike could be shortened from first Brother to make an easy trip of 3.0 miles round trip. The following two Keene Valley hikes start at trailheads other than “The Garden”.

Baxter: Q440′) Looks out at Great Range and Marcy. From Route 9N, 2 miles from intersection of Route 73 between Keene and Keene Valley. Short side trails lead to views from open ledges and lots of blueberry bushes as you proceed up to the final summit. The views include Keene Valley and the High Peaks.2.2miles round trip.

Rooster Comb: (2800′) New trail to rocky summit and ledge. Start 0.4 miles South of center of Keene Valley on Route 73.5.0 miles round trip.

First 3 hikes are on property of the Adirondack Mountain Reserve. Please obey all rules, especially NO DOGS ALLOWED.

Cathedral Rocks and Bear Run Loop: A rugged sometimes steep loop which passes Pyramid Falls, pools at the base of a high cliff views from ledges and a scramble through a narrow slot to a “don’t miss” view. There are intersecting rock formations, two views, and pretty waterfalls. There are some climbs and steep descents.4.0 miles round trip.

West River Trail: Pleasant walking through virgin timber, pools and falls and peaks. Combine with East River Trail or Lake Road for 7 mile loop of little climbing.

Rainbow Falls: 150′ falls just .4 miles from Lower Ausable Lake. 4 mile walk along the Lake Road. It’s an easy trail to a great view

Noonmark: (2175′) From Ausable Club hikers’ parking lot – moderate to steep climbing to gain a look-outing all directions. 2. I miles ascent.

Hopkins via Mossy Cascade: (3193′) 22 major peaks can be seen, blueberries and waterfalls on this hike up Hopkins. Off Route 73, South of steel- sided bridge over East Branch of Ausable River 2.0 miles south of Keene Valley.6.4 miles round trip.

Scarface: (3088′) Varied terrain, easy grades to a host of views including Seward and Sawtooth Ranges, and lake. Trail starts 1.0 miles down Ray Brook Road from Route 86 opposite DEC Headquarters in Ray Brook.6 miles round trip.

Baker: (2452′) Small Mountain with big view of Great Range, Sawtooth, Mclntyre, and Seward Ranges, as well as the Saranac’s. Trail starts at the north end of Moody Pond in Saranac Lake.1.8 miles round trip.

Ampersand: (3353′) originally forested, the now bare summit offers a look of both mountains and lakes. There’s Erosion due to deforestation, former fire observatory, and home of Walter Channing Rice, “Hermit of Ampersand”. Off of Route 3, 8.1 miles west of SaranacLake.5.4 miles round trip.

Hurricane: (3694′) most commanding view of any of the lesser peaks, once a survey station and fire tower. Look South towards Lake Champlain, and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Off Route 9N to Elizabethtown, 3.6 miles East of junction with Route 73.5.2 miles round trip.
Poke-o-Moonshine: Offers tremendous views of Lake Champlain and the High Peaks. Off Route 9, 9.3 miles North of Lewis, at the state campground.2.4 miles round trip.

East Trail to Bald Peak, Rocky Peak Ridge: Challenging but rewarding trail, mostly in the open giving off many views. Route 9, 4.9 miles North of the junction with Route 73 and 1.3 miles South of New Russia. Bald Peak (3060′) is 3.9 miles. Good choice for observing fall colors. To Rocky Ridge (4060′) – 6.6 miles and to summit of Giant (4420′) is a rugged 8.0 miles, 16.0 miles round trip.

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